& suddenly it’s November

Hopefully everyone is back to a normal state post Hurricane Sandy! Here in D.C., she huffed and she puffed but did not exactly bring the house down. In fact the only person I know here who had a problem with flooding was Shianne so perhaps everyone was so lucky! Friends in NYC are still without power or running water, but NYC has an uncanny ability to keep on keeping on, so I know they’ll be up and running soon enough.

I love it when social media is used for inspiration and good instead of evil, so I highly encourage everyone to check in #instacane this week to see images from across the east coast taken from instagram!

Here are some of my favorites:

people with power helping out others in Hoboken NJ

Streets of NYC

the broken crane in Midtown

Now for my PSA of the week — its almost the countdown to 2013, and while I’ve very excited for the holiday season right around the corner (my god its November..) the year is not to be discounted just yet! I’ve made a list of things to try and do for the next 2 months, just small changes that can potentially make a big difference and if nothing else, have a tiny but positive impact on my day and life.

1. Trying out a new restaurant and or bar each week.

I believe I already told myself I’d do this but schedules and finances etc, I have not kept up with it well. First stop on the tour is Ardeo & Bardeo in Cleveland Park with the roommates on Saturday. More details to come later!

2. I will be clean.

I really just have to repeat this to myself over and over again… I will be clean. I will have a clean room. I will hang up my coat. I will make my bed each morning. I will be clean….

(honestly if that one lasts for a week I’ll be happy)

3. I’m going to try to improve myself, mentally.

Less reality TV, or TV in general maybe. I’ve already stocked up on books both fiction and non-fiction to entertain me and I’ve subscribed to the economist. Its not that I don’t have the time its just that if things are not in front of me I don’t always seek them. Now they will be unavoidable.

Along with that, I’ve signed up for a free account at Lumosity.

I HIGHLY suggest you check it out, it probably takes about 5 minutes of your day, and it puts little brain teasers into game format. Having a sluggish day in the cubicle? These can only help and they’re fun!

Anything I’ve missed that I should do? Will I succeed??

To be continued…


P.S. Do you remember Floriana? That I reviewed here? Well they have a living social deal for 50% off this week!! http://www.livingsocial.com/cities/1/deals/410706-50-to-spend-on-food-and-drink

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