AMA DC’s 80th Anniversary Gala

Last night I had the honor of attending the D.C. chapter of the  American Marketing Association 80th Anniversary Gala!


mmm mini carrot cake

Held at the Carnegie Institute of Science downtown (which I entirely forgot to take a picture of but its quite impressive so this will have to suffice)

The first hour consisted of finger food and drinks, perfect for networking and seeing familiar faces

I attempted to tweet at the AMA and contribute to their board.. oops it went through a few times only slightly embarrassing.

yes, thats my face a MILLION times on the left

The awards section of the night honored 20 of the top marketers in DC helping projects like the American University WONK, the 100 year of Cherry Blossom Celebration, and the DC Jazz Festival. Pretty cool stuff! After the show we were given dessert and more champagne. Well if you insist!

my dessert — carrot cake, macaroon & champagne

I was not entirely sure what to wear to this as the word “Gala” sounds fancy and very black tie, but this one was more cocktail wear and a short silk dress and heels was perfect! Next time I’ll take a picture of myself too.

Walking back to the Metro I came across a brass band playing and people dancing on the sidewalk. DC may not have the culture  & flavor of NYC but I’m always happy to stumble upon little things like this here.

brass band outside of the new Dupont metro stop

Oh and since I’ve moved here half o the Dupont Metro has been closed, well not anymore!! Its so beautiful now!

Its finally beginning to feel like fall in D.C.! Hopefully this Snowmagedon/ Frankenstorm thing that is headed our way doesn’t ruin Halloween, but do you know what would get me through??

A. All men in DC becoming fashionable and starting to dress like THIS


This guy:

monster made from cupcakes!

I may go buy him after work.

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