Fun Ways to Use Fall Colors

It’s no secret that fall is the best season for clothes (this is not up for debate, I’m pretty sure it’s a universal fact). From sweaters and scarves to fun, warm colors – the possibilities are endless. This fall, I’ve decided to try and use fall colors to spice up my wardrobe in a different, non-traditional way. This means the inclusion of colored pants and blazers.

First, let’s talk about pants. Let me clarify that the neon pink and yellow bottoms that appeared in stores through the spring and summer were not appealing to me at all. Yet, now that it’s fall and darker hues of green and red are starting to appear, I’m much more interested in making this trend work for me. I always thought I was too short for such loud pants (and still kind of think it), but if I throw on a pair of tall boots, it seems to help mitigate the shortening qualities of colored jeans (which may or may not just be in my head).


Maroon jeans

I’ve been dead-set on getting a pair of emerald-colored jeans this season so I can pair them with tall brown boots and a flowy top. Similar to this picture:

I unfortunately haven’t gotten my hands on this particular color yet, but I have managed to pick up a pair of maroon/mulberry twill leggings by Vera Wang for $25 from Kohls.
They’re even cuter in person and on than in the picture; I wore them yesterday with a pair of tall black boots and a black blouse and got a ton of compliments about how fun yet appropriate my outfit was.
In the same trip to Kohl’s, I also picked up a couple new blazers for work – including a cobalt blue one with black lining. I love it so much I’m debating going back and getting another one in maroon!
If you’re lucky enough like me to work at an office where ‘business casual’ is not synonymous with ‘boring,’I highly recommend taking a trip to Kohl’s or any other store and spicing up your work wardrobe with some fun, fall colors. You still look professional without coming off as stiff or plain!
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