Mel Weekend! E’s POV

“Its mel-i-or-a not melior-aaaa” [if you don’t get that reference you have not seen enough harry potter movies]

This past weekend was Meliora Weekend at the U of R, or alumni reunion time! Meliora means “ever better” in latin and is our beloved Alma Mater’s motto. This years lineup consisted of some fabulous events and speakers including Barbara Walters and  Craig Ferguson but I decided to not attend anything in advance and instead spent the time with friends. I’m sure in 10 years those events will be awesome but for now I just want to see everyone I’ve missed for four months and wish wish wish that I could go back to senior year. I’m still a little in denial that I’ve graduated…


Shianne went up Thursday evening the lucky duck but I was stuck sitting at work counting down the hours until I could take off onto my 7 hour journey with these fine gentlemen:

road warriors at a BBQ joint in the middle of PA

Some singing, political discussions, and 3rd grade paper grading later and we had arrived!

I was quickly reunited with these lovely ladies who I have seen occasionally but we have not been together since the day after graduation!! I knew already that nothing would be different but walking in the door confirmed it, I miss them like crazy and could probably be happy anywhere as long as I had them around!


Friday night was kind of a blur, mostly because there were so many places and faces I had not seen or thought of in awhile but going back instantly made me feel at home. I actually said “I’m excited to go home!” accidentally.. alright I said I wouldn’t get sappy here but really it was both wonderful and tragic that I couldn’t just fall back into things at school the way I have for the past 4 years.

Saturday was spent lounging, eating greasy breakfast, and attending the yellow jackets football game:

woo jackets! (we lost.. no surprise)

the crew

Also I turned 23.. ancient now.

Met this little fellow:


do you like how I stole this pic from Kaos instagram?


Went to the Distillery for bday dinner and strawberry margaritas:


Then out to east & A bars:

Freshman-Senior year roommates

Alas, the weekend flew by and after one last greasy breakfast at Mt. Hope diner it was time to hit the road again.  Can’t wait for next year!

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