Suede Wedges

After a crazy, amazing, and nostalgic weekend back in Rochester, Elyse and I are back to the daily grind in our nation’s capital. To mirror her recent post regarding lace shorts, I have decided to make my Monday morning post also about fashion.

I know I’m a little late on this one, but I’m finally admitting that I’ve jumped on the suede wedges bandwagon. To make up for how late I was in discovering the seemingly endless benefits of this new trend, I obviously bought two pairs right away and am dangerously close to getting another. I’ve already determined that between one black pair and one nude pair, I don’t even need any other shoes. These things literally go with EVERYTHING. Jeans, skirts, slacks – the possibilities are endless!
They’re perfect for the fall and you can dress them up or keep them casual. I personally prefer ones that aren’t super high, and Target has multiple colors with a 3″ wedge available for between $20-30 (depending on color). They’ve held up great so far and made an easy transition from the office to the bars. Practical AND cute – how did I not catch on earlier? Lesson learned – quit being stubborn and learn to accept new fashion trends to avoid having to play catch-up later!
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