Lace Shorts

I’m not entirely sure what Shiannes opinion on lace shorts are.. in fact I think I mentioned them the other day and she gave me a strange sideways glance so maybe this wont be something you see on everyone.  I can tell you the first place I saw them was at Urban Outfitters, and I quickly dismissed them. Then my friend from home, probably the most fashionable person I know (seriously, she could make a potato sac look chic) got a pair and turned me on to them

Lindsay sporting her pair, don’t question what shes doing its senior week nothing counts

Here are a few other examples:

with tights

So long story short, last night I was strolling around the Marshall’s in Silver Springs, MD [if you’re looking for your usual TJ Maxx or Marshalls experience but hate the ones in the city.. well this one is not bad not great.] and in front of me was a rack of lace shorts for only $12.99. I tried them on and it was love at first zip, not only are they comfy and cute, they’re not TOO short so that I feel as though I’m wearing no pants and with some opaque black tights they’d be really cute for day or night and even in the fall..sold!

What do you guys think, too trendy? I plan on wearing them tonight as I tear up the bars in Rochester (okay okay, maybe just Mex and Montys, whatever) as its Meliora Weekend and I CANNOT WAIT to get out of work. T-minus one hour!!!

xx E

p.s. the song “instagram that hoe” by fat joe cannot be real..right?

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