Columbus Day (Part II)

What is a D.C. weekend in late October without some election talk! This weekend Shianne and I got our fill by attending a showing of the Rumble 2012 hosted by the Social Media Club of D.C. at Local 16 on U street.  The Rumble was a debate held at Georgetown between broadcasting heavy weights Bill O’Reilly from The O’Reilly Factor and John Stewart from The Daily Show.

taken from AP post

While there may not be a winner and a loser, it was interesting to watch and read about opinions later.

For the record, I’m not sure how much listening Shianne and I really did… first off the DC metro has been beyond slow the past couple weekends so it took an hour to get somewhere that should only take 20 minutes. And once we met up and made it inside we made an effort but the footage kept going in and out, obnoxious people were cheering at different things.. in the end we went and hung out on the outside bar of Local 16 and avoided creepers. Here’s the only picture we managed to grab:

the big projection screen

After a nice sleepy Sunday morning, we met up again at the Taste of DC! 9-14th street were closed down filled with vendors, food trucks and live performers — what could be better?? With the Living Social deal tickets were 6$ for admission and free drink!

a little overcast but still crowded

Many of the Downtown restaurants , bakeries and bars had a booth displaying their three meal options in tasting portions.

Our first tasting: Stella Artois, the perfect way to feel a little warmer on a drizzly fall day

check out that view in the background!

Next up: Buffalo Mac & Cheese with Cornbread — it’s always a good sign when the people in front of you inline are just smiling with satisfaction. It’s exactly how Shianne felt once taking a bite of this creation

the picture speaks for itself

I went on a hunt for shaved meat and sadly could not find anything so I happily settled for some meatballs!


Strolling around then led us to this Werthers Original tent — free caramel candy and a caramel fountain? Count us in!

anxiously awaiting out caramel apple


Next — Ben’s Chili bowl eating contest. The winner (who I will pridefully say Shianne & I bet on the #1 & #2 finishers) ate 2 POUNDS of chili in 5 minutes. Holy. Cow.

the contestants lining up

the crowd waiting & watching

we were getting pretty excited!

Nearby, we went to the justWink card booth where we were delighted to pick out one free card each. Shianne went with the cat sporting a sweater one,  & I picked one that made me feel better about my dangerously close birthday… slightly.

Shock Top pumpkin beer was picked up along the way, but our final documented tasting of the day came from the little heart attack in a bite known as fried Oreos.

deliciously disgusting

Like fried dough and Oreo’s combined, these irresistible suckers (if anyone knows the story of my childhood..) put a cap on a wonderful afternoon. We left fat, happy and a little damp. Great Success!!

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