Caramel Oatmeal Bars

Ooey Gooey chocolate and caramel filled oatmeal bars!

The finished product! (taken from

So last night was our first (hopefully of many) Pinterest baking experiences together. In the spirit of fall and with respect to the magical Martha Stewart, we decided to make Oatmeal Caramel Cookies. (Recipe here).

mmmm butter…

This recipe had so much butter involved that even Paula Deen would’ve been skeptical (another half stick was even added to what is pictured above). However, we trusted the baking blogs, and for the most part, they did not let us down! We started by mixing the dry ingredients with all that butter and spreading half of the resulting dough into the bottom of an 11 X 18 pan and baked it until golden pale (whatever that means…). Then, we sprinkled 6oz of chocolate chips on top of the half-baked cookies and melted caramels with heavy cream and drizzled that on top as well.

Elyse drizzling caramel looking pale

After that, we spread the remainder of the dough on top of the concoction and baked it all again for about 20 minutes…but not before having to make a little extra dough to avoid exposing the caramel and leaving holes in the top of the cookies. We ended up mixing a small amount of the original ingredients together again (and by small amount, I actually mean Elyse got brown-sugar happy and poured the whole box in) and being able to cover the whole pan again. The end results were delicious! So now that we’ve made them by following a recipe, we definitely have a few personal recommendations that we think would make them even better and easier! First things first, more chocolate (always)! We suggest using 8-10 oz of chocolate chips instead of 6 – you can even sprinkle them on and stick the pan back in the oven for about 2 minutes until the chips melt and then use a knife to spread it so it becomes its own layer of chocolatey goodness. We’d also recommend a smaller pan or increasing the amount of each ingredient. We got a little over-eager and hungry and forgot to take the picture right away…but hey, we’re new at this….and can you blame us?!

So delicious we couldn’t even wait to take the picture…

So other than making delicious treats, we also both discovered something new last night. Shianne discovered that ice cubes do not work in beer like they do in other beverages….and one delicious Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Beer was wasted in the process of this discovery. Elyse learned about the mysterious Halstead 2nd floor double peep-hole, potential midget room.


We’re currently entertaining ideas on what this could actually be? Midget? Wheelchair? Watchdog?
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